Research and Projects


  • 2020-21

    • National Finalist at the 2021 College Fed Challenge (Done in R and Excel - Monetary Policy Researcher and Graphic Designing - Projected what the Fed's policies could look like through 2022-23 with my expertise lying in Forward Guidance, Quantitative Easing, and Tapering)

  • 2021-22

    • Honor Thesis: Economic Recovery and Inflation: Story of Financial Markets in 2021.

    • Analyst report for ChannelAdvisor ($ECOM) under the 2021-22 CFA Investment Challenge. Finished as state champions.

    • Mathematical research into Bi-Lipschitz Mapping on the Space of Orbits. (Advanced research that breaks ground into mathematical techniques of image compression just short of quantum storage.)


  • 2022

    • Created a multiplayer Pong game that can be played either on the same computer or a local network.

  • (Update) Introduced an opponent AI that can compete on five different levels using NEAT implementation.

  • Link (Still needs finalization as of 9/1/2022, be careful debugging!!

  • Implemented a Twitter bot that posts the U.S. Treasury yield curve for the day along with the most similar historical curve and other cool factoids.


  • Currently working on an algorithmic trading model that will be tested on prior historical results to optimize an investment strategy

  • Improve this website by switching over to HTML/CSS/JS.